dear straight people #3

What I find priceless is how this company stated that they champion diversity but fired a black trans model who was speaking out against white supremacy. 

By doing this they have not only proved to us all that they actually don’t champion diversity. 

Plus the model, who has always been an LGBT icon to me, only stating what we already know but is too afraid to admit. That racism is built by white supremacy and white privelige, which doesn’t too far fetched. 

If L’Oéral actually championed diversity then they would not have fired one of their most diverse models. This also shows that L’Oréal and other companies only use diversity as a marketing ploy. 

They use this because they know that white people are not their only consumers. And by adressing and stating that you are supportive of diversity these companies are not only substantially opening up themselves to more consumers while also making a political statement. They took advantage of Munroe’s blackness and transness and used it to further the company. 

Addtionally, by dumping their only black trans model, they only confirmed her statement. They only assured her that white privelige is a thing. 

I stand with Munroe because as a black LGBT member just like her, I feel as though we are often subjected to racism and homophobia/transphobia so much that we get tired of all of it. We recieve backlash we get belittled. 

Munroe stated on her Instagram: 

I woke up physically shaking. 

I’ve been called everything under the sun, from ugly tranny ape to a nigger over and over again. 

I don’t know what the future holds for me but I’m going to do my best. I hope you all stick by me, your support means the world. 

L’Oréal Paris how could you stand by me and let this happened to me? In sacking me, you cosigned all this hatred. I’m so disappointed. 

I hope that the best happens to Munroe. Hopefully she goes to another modeling agency. For now I will continue to watch as this heteronormative world continues to alienate LGBT icons. 

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